Our Company


ExeVir’s unique modular VHH platform taps into the power of multi-specific antibodies with half-lives of about 20 days and the potential to increase them to six months. Our team has built extensive expertise in developing various formats of multi-specific antibodies that target different epitopes simultaneously. This is especially useful in fighting infectious diseases, but also holds significant promise in the fields of immunology and oncology, where multi-specific antibodies can provide invaluable benefits.

Our company specializes in creating innovative antibody therapies that aid patients in fighting off infectious diseases. We prioritize protecting individuals who are immunocompromised and therefore unable to benefit from current prevention and treatment approaches.

ExeVir is a clinical stage company, able to fast-track drug development using our modular VHH platform. Our first candidate drug progressed from research to the clinical in less than 1 year. The compound completed Phase 1a and Phase 1b studies and showed good pharmacodynamics and efficient GMP manufacturability.


We can count on an experienced team able to leverage international expertise to rapidly advance our new drug candidates through clinical development to reach patients.


ExeVir collaborates closely with Belgium’s leading life sciences research institute VIB, developing new VHH antibodies together with the laboratories of Prof. Xavier Saelens and Prof. Nico Callewaert (VIB – Ghent University).

We are open to setting up strategic partnerships with biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies for the co-development of new antibody therapies in other disease areas.


ExeVir is backed by a strong international investor syndicate

The company’s €42 million Series A was led by Fund+ and backed by UCB Ventures, FPIM, V-Bio Ventures, VIB, SRIW, Noshaq, Vives IUF and SambrInvest. 

ExeVir has also raised €18 million in non-dilutive funding from Horizon Europe, VLAIO, and the DG06.

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